Who we are

The Social Study is a modern take on a the centuries-old concept of a salon. We offer opportunities for individuals to come together, learn from experts, and engage in conversation around a curation of topics. Our aim is to foster a culture of life-long learning in subjects on the periphery of (but not excluding) professional development.


The topics we cover are curated by our community, and only topics for which we can find an outstanding and passionate lecturer make it into our course offerings.  All talks are offered in English to reach the broadest audience possible.

Our spaces are curated to make you feel completely at home, at ease, and excited to engage. A typical lecture will seem more like a gathering of friends than your average classroom. 

We believe passionately in the power of knowledge to enrich our lives and help us see the world through a more informed lens. Whether you're looking to expand your repertoire of intellectual interests, have ambitions to apply new learnings to your lifestyle or profession, or just want to nurture your network over a glass of wine, we hope to see you at The Social Study soon.