Read, Watch, Follow, Next: The Beer Tasting Edition

Notes from last night: Offline (white ale, pairs well with the relaxing practice of unplugging), Mannenliefde (saison, secret ingredients—lemongrass and Szechuan pepper), Pais Tropical (pale ale, crowd favorite), Panty (stout with a conversation-starting name, pairs well with brownies), Thai Thai (tripel, look for the elephant on the label). Big thanks to Bas Visser from Oedipus Brewing for bestowing a portion of his expansive beer knowledge upon us and Juniper & Kin for hosting us on their beautiful rooftop patio.

Good Beer Hunting, a critical, creative, and curious blog about the world of beer (also check out their podcast)

Crafting a Nation by Thomas Kolicko
Blood, Sweat and Beer by Chip Hiden & Alexis Irvin


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Jessica Wong